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OCP Concordance

The OCP Concordance should be used with caution since it dates from 2007. It can be downloaded here.

Please note: the concordance consists of a large RTF (Rich Text Format) file which will open automatically in your standard word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word).

Note on use: Please use Control F (to find) with the headword followed by three spaces.

The alphabet was defined to ensure that non-accented and accented forms of the same letter are treated as equivalents, and that 'i' and 'y' are considered to be the same letter: "A==a=== B=b C=c==c D=d E= =e==== & F=f G=g H=h I=Y=i=y== J=j K=k L=l M=m N=n O=o== P=p Q=q R=r S=s T=t U=u=== V=v W=w X=x Z=z | _ %".

Please note that the spelling of the headword is that of the first occurrence in the manuscript.

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All manuscript images 2005 The British Library
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