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Research Output


(2006) SIFT, a Dynamic HTML corpus viewer

(2007) Digital images and transcriptions of Harley MS 4431

(2007) Description of Harley MS 4431

The descriptions are working documents, in French. An English version will be available in due course.

(2007) A concordance of the Queen's MS, using OCP (Oxford Concordance Program)

(2008) Gallery-style view of digital images of Harley MS 4431

(2011) Loceme for the analysis of space in textual corpora, initially funded under a British Academy-CNRS Award, now on-going as The Accolades Project, University of Plymouth, Modern Languages (French) http://eserve.org.uk/loceme

Articles and Papers

Laidlaw, James (1987), 'Christine de Pizan: a Publisher's Progress', The Modern Language Review, 82, (1987) 35-75.  http://hdl.handle.net/1842/1552

Reno, Christine (2005,) 'Christine de Pizan's Enseignemens moraux: Good Advice for Several Generations', PDF Download http://www.pizan.lib.ed.ac.uk/morauxnov05.pdf

Laidlaw, James (2005), 'The Date of the Queen's MS (London, British Library, Harley MS 4431)', PDF Download http://www.pizan.lib.ed.ac.uk/harley4431date.pdf

Laidlaw, James and Mansfield, Charlie (2006), 'Designing a Digital Version of British Library Harley MS 4431. The Making of the Queen's Manuscript' in Van Hemelryck, Tania & Van Hoorebeeck, Céline (éds), L'écrit et le manuscrit à la fin du Moyen Âge, Turnhout: Brepols, 2006 (ISBN 2503519911)

Walters, Lori J. (2012), 'Signatures and Anagrams in the Queen's Manuscript (London, British Library, Harley MS 4431)' http://www.pizan.lib.ed.ac.uk/waltersanagrams.html

Walters, Lori J. (2012), 'Depictions of Books and Parchment Sheets in the Queen’s MS (London, British Library, Harley MS 4431)' http://www.pizan.lib.ed.ac.uk/waltersbooksandletters.rtf

Walters, Lori J. (2013), 'Christine de Pizan's Prologue adreçant a la royne: Translations into Modern French and English' http://www.pizan.lib.ed.ac.uk/Translations of Prologue.rtf

Walters, Lori J. (2015), 'Occurrences of the Term seulette in the Queen’s MS - 15 June 2015' http://www.pizan.lib.ed.ac.uk/Walters Seulette Queen's MS.rtf

Conference and Working Papers

Mansfield, Charlie (2010) 'The Accolades Project on Large Textual Corpora - Working Paper', Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA), Edinburgh. http://hdl.handle.net/1842/4836

Mansfield, Charlie (2007) 'Modéliser l'espace dans les textes en moyen français : le développement d'un script informatisé pour faire le tamisage (SIFT)', Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA), Edinburgh. http://hdl.handle.net/1842/1983

Technical Resources

Modus Operandi - a complete set of software written during the research programme for use in transforming XML to browsable web-pages

Outcomes in Preparation

DVDs presenting the Queen's MS and its miniatures to a general audience; a DVD focusing on the text and the 101 miniatures of the Epistre Othea.

Experiments with Microsoft's free eBook Reader (which you may download here) are underway. After installing the free reader please download and try this version of Epistre Othea: otea.lit.

A glossary and study of Christine's language, based initially on the Queen's MS, but in due course drawing on the other presentation copies.

An illustrated monograph, assessing the importance of the Queen's MS in the dual context of the presentation copies of Christine's works, and the history of the illustrated book in early Fifteenth-Century France.

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