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Presentation Copies

Copies containing one work by Christine

The works are arranged in chronological order, so far as it is possible to do so. The date quoted is the date of the work in question, and not the date of the manuscript or manuscripts which contain it.

Debat des Deux Amans (1399-1400): Brussels, KB 11034; Paris, BnF, f.fr. 1740. Each copy is illustrated by a single miniature in risaille.

Epistre Othéa (ca 1400): Paris, BnF, f.fr. 848, 1187.MS 848 contains six miniatures in grisaille.

Livre du Chemin de Long Estude (1403): Brussels, KB 10982, 10983; Paris, BnF,f.fr. 1188, 1643. The copies are illustrated by four, five, or six miniatures in grisaille; spaces for five miniatures in MS 1643 have been left blank.

Dit de la Pastoure (1403): Paris, BnF, f.fr. 2184. No llustrations.

Livre de la Mutacion de Fortune (1403): Brussels, KB 9508; Chantilly, Musée Condé 494; Germany, Private Collection (Ex-Phillipps MS 207, owned later by Sir Sydney Cockerell, then by M. Pierre Bérès); The Hague, Koninklijke Bibliotheek 78 D 42; Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, cod. gall. 11; Paris, BnF, n.a.fr. 14852 (fragment of 2 folios). The complete copies are illustrated by four, six, or seven miniatures.

Livre des Fais et Bonnes Meurs du Saige Roy Charles V (1404): Modena, Biblioteca d'Este α.n.8.7; Paris, BnF, f.fr. 5025, 10153; Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Reg. lat. 920. None of the manuscripts is illustrated.

Epistre à la Reine Isabeau (1405): Paris, BnF, f.fr. 580, fols 53r-54v. Illustrated by a single miniature in grisaille.

Advision Cristine (1405 (o.s.)): Brussels, KB 10309; Paris, BnF, f.fr. 1176; Paris, Private Collection (Ex-Phillipps MS 128). Each copy is illustrated by a single miniature.

Livre de la Cité des Dames (1405-1406): KB 9393; Paris, Arsenal 2686; Paris, BnF, f.fr. 1178, 1179, 24293. MS 24293 has no miniatures; MS 2686 has no illustrations; MS 1179 has one miniature; the other copies are illustrated by three miniatures.

Livre des Trois Vertus (1405-1406): Boston, Public Library MS 101; London, BL, Additional MS 31841; BnF, n.a.fr. 25636. Each copy is illustrated by a single miniature.

Livre de la Prod'hommie de l'Homme (1405-1406): Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Reg. lat. 1238. No illustrations.

Livre du Corps de Policie (1406-1407): Besan¸on, Bibliothèque Publique 423; Chantilly, Musée Condé 294; Paris, Arsenal 2681; Paris, BnF, f.fr. 1197. MS 2681 has one illustration, the others have none.

Livre de Prudence (1407): Brussels, KB 11065-11073. No illustrations.

Sept Psaumes Allegorisés (1409-1410): Brussels, KB 10987; Paris, BnF, n.a.fr.4792; Coulet et Faure MS.2 Each copy is illustrated by a single miniature.

Lamentacion sur les Maux de la France (1410): Paris, BnF, f.fr. 24864. No illustrations.

Livre des Fais d'Armes et de Chevalerie (ca 1410): Brussels, KB 10476. Illustrated by a single miniature.

Livre de Paix (1412-1414): Brussels, KB 10366. Illustrated by a single miniature.

Livre de la Prison de Vie Humaine (1418): Paris, BnF, f.fr. 24786. No illustrations.

Presentation copies containing a collection of Christine's works

The dates quoted for the collected manuscripts are the years when the collection was in preparation. Each collection is treated here as a single manuscript, even if it is now bound or catalogued as more than one volume.

Chantilly, Musée Condé 492-493 (1399-1405): the Livre de Cristine, a collection of nineteen works, mostly in verse, completed in June 1402 and illustrated by twelve miniatures; five works were added in stages between 1403 and 1405 and illustrated by thirteen further miniatures; now bound in two volumes.

Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversteit, Ltk 1819: an incomplete folio containing part of the Livre de la Cité des Dames, which a running title shows to have been item 27 in a large collection.

London, BL, Harley MS 4431 (1413): the Queen's MS, commissioned by Isabel de Bavière; a collection of thirty works in verse and prose, completed in 1413; illustrated by 132 miniatures; now bound in two volumes.

Paris, BnF, f.fr. 603 (1410-1412?): the Livre des Fais d'Armes et de Chevalerie, illustrated by four miniatures, followed by the Livre de laMutacion de Fortune, illustrated by seven miniatures.

Paris, BnF, f.fr. 835, 606, 836, 605, 607 (1408-09): the Duke's MS, perhaps intended for the Duke of Orléans (†1407), acquired by the Duke of Berry in 1408 or 1409; a collection of twenty-six works inverse and prose; illustrated by 128 miniatures; now bound and catalogued as five separate volumes.

Paris, BnF, f.fr. 12779 (1399-1403): the Livre de Cristine, completed in June 1402, a collection of nineteen works, mostly in verse, now illustrated by eight miniatures, some having been lost or removed; one narrative poem, illustrated by a single miniature, was added, probably in 1403.

1 For an earlier version of the list see James Laidlaw, 'Christine and the Manuscript Tradition', Christine de Pizan: a Casebook, ed. Barbara K. Altmann and Deborah L. McGrady, New York and London: Routledge, 2003 (Routledge Medieval Casebooks) , pp. 231-49 (243-45).
2 Millard C. Meiss, French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry: The Limbourgs and their Contemporaries, 2 volumes. (London: Thames and Hudson, 1974), I, 8.

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